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Join the movement! AAPP members have access to a growing menu of services and benefits designed to enhance your practice and the value of your membership.

Physician Membership

The principal focus and mission of the AAPP is to serve our physician members. We invite any person interested in the field of private medicine who is an authorized practitioner of medicine, licensed by the appropriate board to join us as a physician member.

Price: $500.00 / year

Associate Membership

This is a membership for non-physician health care providers who are engaged or interested in the practice of private medicine. Associate membership provides complete access to the resources, discounts, and services valuable to AAPP physician members with the exception of a listing in our physician directory.

Price: $350.00 / year

Medical Student & Resident Membership

This membership is for any person interested in the mission of AAPP who is attending an accredited medical school or who is a graduate of an accredited medical school receiving training in a specialty. Resident members must become Physician members upon completion of the Residency.

Price: $10.00 / year Please note: AAPP memberships are annual, and while we hope you will never terminate your membership, you are free to do so at any time. If you choose not to terminate your membership, it will renew every year on this day. If you are a resident, when you complete your residency, please remember to upgrade your membership so that you can be listed in our Physician Directory. You do not need to wait for the end of your membership year to upgrade.

If you have any questions about membership or the privileges associated with any AAPP membership, please contact us.

AAPP Membership Agreement

The opinions expressed on this site are not legal advice. You should not act or refrain from acting because of information based on this site without first seeking appropriate legal or other professional advice from someone who is familiar with your particular circumstances. Counsel for AAPP has assisted in the construction of the site and in the production of the content. By doing so they do not intend that the operation of this site should create an attorney-client relationship with you and no such relationship shall be created by your use of this site. Such a relationship can only be established to the extent such counsel expressly agrees to undertake the relationship. The Academy makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding any information that appears on this site or on any third-party site linked to this site. The Academy does not endorse and is not responsible for any information that appears on any third-party site linked to this site.

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Featured  Testimonials

September 2012

It was last year I went to the AAPP conference in AZ. I went live with my conversion September 2012 and now under a year I am at 475 patients. I charge less than most since I do not have wealthy patients, nor do I have all older patients, but it is enough to make a living. I am so happy I made that move to Concierge practice.

David S, M.D.

July 2012

In considering alternatives to office-based Family Medicine within a multi-specialty group, I came across the AAPP website and inquired about the one-on-one workshop which was being offered. This is “a phone-based workshop for physicians who are interested in exploring private medicine”.

Tom Blue spent over an hour on the phone with both my husband (a businessman by trade) and me (a physician) answering questions and providing guidance. I was amazed at how much interest Tom took in what we said and how much he had to offer from his prior experiences with establishing concierge practices. The conversation was inspiring and enlightening. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you, Tom, for your insights and your time!

Elizabeth Fagan, MD

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