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Spring Conference

Friday April 17, 2015 to Saturday April 18, 2015

J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa,
Phoenix, AZ

Map and directions

A Phoenix Resort Where Invigorating Recreation Is Abundant

Without peer among Phoenix resorts, the award-winning, AAA 4-Diamond JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa welcomes guests to its stunning 316 acres in the Sonoran Desert. Our captivating resort in Phoenix takes you to a place where luxury, personal service, invigorating recreation and excellent dining are in abundance. Guest rooms and suites

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The Official Directory of Private Physicians

If you're searching for a private physician (sometimes known as a concierge physician or a direct care doctor) in your area, you've come to the right place.

This directory is managed by the American Academy of Private Physicians and is intended to help people interested in managing their health in partnership with a private physician to find just the right practice in their community.

If you're a private physician, and your practice is not featured in this directory, please invest a few minutes and create your listing now . The AAPP will review and confirm it and then post it for you.

Click here to search the directory!

If you represent an employer seeking a relationship with a private physician to provide proactive, convenient care for your workforce, contact us, and we will assist you in finding the best fit.

AAPP President’s Update
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let me be the first to welcome you to the website for the American Academy of Private Physicians. I am excited to continue to be involved in the organization, and am honored to serve as your president.

We are all well aware of the massive changes that have occurred in the American medical system over the past few decades. Although many of these changes have happened within the “traditional” practice of medicine, private medical practices have reinvented themselves as well. When the world was first introduced to the concept of private medicine, it was under the guise of doctors serving a privileged few patients who were paying large retainers for super-premium medical benefits. While these practices continue to flourish, the direct care movement has grown to spawn a variety of private practice models that fit almost any patient’s budget. From practices that bill fee-for-services to those that charge monthly fees that are less than a cable bill, the market has spoken. Doctors who practice private medicine are adapting to the needs of their patients and are modifying their practices to better serve them. Over the past decade the number of direct care physicians in the United States has soared to over 5000. We have seen the future of medicine, and this mode of medical practice is clearly part of it!

The AAPP’s primary function is to serve as the official national trade organization for medical doctors in the practice of private medicine. The AAPP is proud to act as the pre-eminent informational resource and professional advocacy group for all of our members – including the thousands we now serve and the countless others who are yet to come. Whether greeting physicians who are seeking to convert an existing practice or helping established direct practices grow more quickly, the AAPP has some of the most experienced minds in the business championing our cause. Additional areas of focus for the organization include national direct care public relations, legal and regulatory engagement on behalf of private medicine, and enhancing professional connectivity within our private physician community.

Chief among our membership benefits are a practice listing within our national direct care registry and accelerated access to our regular conferences, which focus on examining the most relevant topics of the day with support from industry experts. With additional content ranging from the introduction of innovative new technologies to help advance your business, to the creation of collegial networking opportunities from around the country, our AAPP conferences are second-to-none in representing the interests of private physicians.

I invite all of you to join our group and become a part of the direct care movement. It holds the promise of the biggest personal and professional return on investment that you’ll ever make!

Matthew J. Priddy, MD
American Academy of Private Physicians

Serving Patients Through Private Healthcare

Who are we?

The American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP) is a national non-profit organization founded to represent and support physicians and patients as they explore solutions to our changing health care system, founded in 2003. We are interested in forward thinking practices that reinforce the doctor-patient relationship, incentivize outstanding medical care, and do not tie physicians and patients to third parties. Our physician members restore dignity to the medical profession one patient at a time. We are creating a new social contract that promotes a personal relationship founded on high quality relationships. Additionally, the AAPP supports the entrepreneurial spirit of physicians, scientists, and others who are exploring new tools and technologies to further the simple mission of taking good care of our patients.



Why Change to Private Medicine? Dr. Susan Wilder

Another Member Testimonial:

I am delighted that the AAPP is launching a directory of concierge physician practices. I was referred to the AAPP as I was preparing to establish my own retainer internal medicine practice and found Tom Blue, its Executive Director, enormously helpful.

The public and medical community would be well served to have a locus of information regarding retainer practices, which promote the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship.

The Third Era of Medicine

A Functional Approach to Restore the Health of America

The American health care paradigm is outdated and directly opposes the health-generating solutions required to reverse the proliferation of chronic disease and the resulting health care economic crisis.

Read More

Launch Your Practice!

If you are considering the transition into private medicine, the Academy is here to assist you in your journey. You will face a host of decisions that may be intimidating. What are my business model options? What do I do with my insurance carrier relationships? How do I find informed legal, marketing, and private practice management counsel? It’s our job to help our members find the answers and connect you with other physicians who have taken the same path.

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